18 Dec 2012

2013 BMW Z4 revealed - spot the difference

BMW have announced several huge, massive, and almost mend-bending, changes to their Z4 coupe model including:

ZAP! - A new 2 litre engine that's less powerful than the old one (and will be called the sDrivel18i)
KAPOW! - Some new paint.  (It's orange and quite nice really)
BASH! - Slightly different headlights
BOOM! - An (optional) automatic gearbox
WHIZZ! - Some new alloys
BAM! - Erm....that's it

BMW have decided to announce a whole four months of schedule that these changes will be made to their slightly dull coupe.  Incredible.  The news is so amazing we are positively frothing at the mouth in anticipation at driving the sDrivel18i with it's massive 154bhp, delirious 0-62mph time of 7.9 seconds and humungous fuel economy of 41.5mpg.

The orgasmic model line up will include - sDrivel18i, sDrivel20i, sDrivel28i, sDrivel35i and sDrivel35is

One final thing:

SMASH! - prices haven't been announced yet.