29 Nov 2012

Watch some crazy Germans crash a Golf into a fake warthog

Surely the content of this article can't match the headline?  Yes it can.  Unfortunately the voiceover for this clip is in German, but that doesn't matter.  The German automobile club, ADAC, decided to conduct a series of crash tests where they lined up a MkIII and MkIV Golf against a family of fake warthogs just to see what would happen.

Here's our guide to GOLF vs WARTHOG.

0.40 - The MkIII Golf gets first go and swerves around the warthogs quite smoothly.

1.06 - Now it's the turn of the MkIV to swerve around the warthogs.  It manages, but wobbles somewhat.

1.24 - Some real action!  The MkIII Golf plunges headfirst into the fake warthog family.  Poor warthogs.

1.32 - Slow motion Golf vs warthog collision sequence.

2.22 - A German inspects the damage caused to the fake warthogs.  It's not looking good for the porcine dummies.