29 Nov 2012

smart forjeremy - a stupid car designed by a stupid man?

OK so the headline might be slightly on the inflammatory side but take a look at the photos below and decide for yourself.

Now you've done that, do you think:

a) The smart forjeremy has a good name or a stupid name?
b) The smart forjeremy looks good or stupid?
c) The smart forjeremy was designed as a joke or as a serious concept?
d) The smart forjeremy would fall over if you attempted to drive it over the Severn Bridge?
e) The smart forjeremy would make you look and feel good if you drove it anywhere other than Brighton or San Francisco?
f) The smart forjeremy could be driven into the centre of Glasgow without having it's windows smashed in with bricks?
g) The smart forjeremy is a sensible little car with no pretensions or is just stupid?

If you like you can leave your answers in the comments section below.  Here's some information about the smart forjeremy.

The smart forjeremy is based on a standard smart fortwo and has a 55kW electric motor with a range of 90 miles.  This means as well as range anxiety you may suffer from violence anxiety if it runs out of electricity in Liverpool city centre.  It was designed by Jeremy Scott, a fashion designer and was launched at the LA Auto Show last night.  Thankfully the former singer with the band Skunk Anansie, Skin, wasn't asked to design the car.

Here are some quotes from the press release.

“Both smart and the wings represent a bit of freedom on the crowded streets of major cities."

"The wheel rims are shaped like aeroplane propellers, giving the impression that the electric smart might take off at any minute. With the elegantly curved “eyebrows” above its front headlights, the smart forjeremy conveys both untamed curiosity and unbridled joy"

"On either side of the vehicle is a wing made of transparent fibreglass and decorated with rocket-shaped elements that light up red, serving as rear and brake lights."

“We will also launch a limited special edition of the smart forjeremy in 2013. And I really look forward to cruising the city in this item of haute couture.”


Final question.

h) During a global financial depression and with ever tightening profit margins is the smart forjeremy a sensible investment or a monumental waste of money?