4 Nov 2012

Under the skin of a Porsche Cayman

The Porsche media website is wonderful thing and contains lots of information about their current models.  We previously brought you Under the skin of a Porsche 911 - now it's the turn of the Porsche Cayman.

Porsche obviously revel in showing off their design and engineering skills and the level of detail they reveal in these images is testament to that.

The fist image is called Passive Safety and shows how the bodywork structure of the Cayman absorbs impact forces and improves rigidity.  It's also just wonderful to look at.

Next up is steering and suspension.  Under this image Porsche say, "What use is a perfect suspension setup without perfectly tuned steering? For Porsche, this would be inconceivable. The solution is a steering system that works with as much precision and immediacy as the chassis itself".  Which in itself reveals as much about Porsche's philosophy as the Cayman itself.

This wonderful image shows us the VarioCam Plus system in the Cayman engine.  VarioCam Plus "combines variable valve timing with two-stage lift on the inlet side. This results in smoother running, better fuel economy and lower exhaust emissions. As well as greater top-end power and low-end torque," apparently.
This image is of what Porsche call the Axle Concept.  In actuality it is the MacPherson strut suspension system and axle assembly - front (left) and rear (right).

Porsche even show us the Cayman's stainless steel exhaust system in wonderful detail.  They're obviously proud of it.
To finish off we've selected the best of the moody shots Porsche include on the site of the Cayman, including one of a very red interior.