26 Sept 2012

Under the skin of a Porsche 911

We absolutely love this.  Porsche have a huge database of media relating to the 911 (991) and hidden amongst the PR waffle are some stunning images and soundfiles of the 911.

First up is this image below - entitled 'Less weight despite more product substance'.  Typically Germanic but fantastic detail of the 1400kg Carrera which has a 'more rigorous lightweight construction'.

The next image is simply entitled 911 Carrera S.  In it we can see the exact placement of engine, transmission, steering, suspension and all associated systems.  We would have chosen the seats in a slightly less brown shade of brown though.

This image shows the Carrera S in it's Terminator guise.

And now we move onto the engine.  3.8 litres of flat six goodness in brilliant detail.  Hopefully that chain will last a few hundred thousand miles.  It looks a bit of a pig to get at.

The transmission and differential lovingly reproduced in gorgeous detail.

And finally.  Click play on this sound file to hear the Carrera S with it's crackling sports exhaust.