28 Nov 2012

Official - Jaguar XFR-S images and specs

Jaguar have launched their new XFR-S at the LA Auto Show.  It is Jaguar's fastest and most powerful saloon ever.  Under the bonnet is a supercharged an all aluminium 5 litre V8 that sounds sensational and produces 550bhp and 502 lb/ft of torque.

Fitted with an 8 speed semi-automatic transmission the XFR-S does 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds and has a limited top speed of 186mph.

Jaguar claim to have managed airflow around the car by way of a deeper front bumper with carbon vanes and splitters.  Deep sills and aero 'blades' direct air along the sides and a carbon rear diffuser reduces lift.  These aren't just cosmetic trinkets.  Lift is reduced by 68%.

The 20" wheels are wider front and rear than on the XFR.  Allied with suspension revisions lateral suspension stiffness is improved by 30% for increased steering response.  Revised spring rates and the adaptive damper increase feel and connectivity with the road.  The electronic diff and Dynamic Stability Control have also been revised to improve handling.

Rather than being a silent waft-mobile the XFR-S actually channels induction noise into the cabin via something called a symposer.  The central silencer of the XFR has been replaced with an X-piece and near straight-through rear pipes add to the aural treat the engine makes (which you can hear here).  As in the XKR-S the engine blips as the gears change down.  The noise this produces is sensational.

The 8 speed semi-automatic gearbox features a twin solenoid system which allows for what Jaguar call 'change of mind' functionality.  In essence it stops the gearbox getting in a mess if the driver is coming to a slow halt then suddenly decides to floor the throttle.  Given the standard XFR's gearbox does get into a tangle in these situations, this is a welcome addition.

If the XFR-S is anything like the XKR-S which we test drove here it will be a brilliant addition to the Jaguar family.

Prices have yet to be released but don't expect much change from £100,000.