7 Nov 2012

New Chinese brand Leaves us Qor-ious

Mike Armstrong reports on a new car manufacturer from China - Qoros

Qoros, a new Chinese car manufacturer will launch next year.

Qoros Auto Co. Ltd, a new independent car manufacturer based in China, will debut at next year's Geneva Motor Show and will sell models in Europe.

At first, a Golf-sized C-Segment saloon will be launched. Designed to high European standards, the brand hopes to entice discerning young buyers across Europe and China.

What's impressive is that some of the world's largest companies have apparently invested in the new brand. Companies such as Microsoft, Magna Steyr, Valeo, Continental and Bosch, add a sense of reassurance to the package.

Created in 2007 through a partnership between Chery Automobile and Israel Corporation, Qoros not only ensures a strong commitment to product and service quality, but also safety. Allegedly, the company also promises safety standards which will impress the judges at Euro NCAP with the maximum marks.

Due to China's poor reputation in automotive design and safety, the new brand will surely face identity difficulties initially. But should Qoros live up to their own press hype, we could well see them create a following similar to that of South Korean manufacturer, Daewoo, in the 1990's.