7 Nov 2012

Bad parking. How to do it wrong

Most Speedmonkey readers, and therefore petrol-heads, will claim to have the driving skills of Sebastian Vettel - even if they are more like Felipe Massa (pretty ordinary with occasional flashes of greatness).

But when it comes to parking many of us have the spacial awareness of Romain Grosjean.  Ralf Schumacher, ex-F1 driver, wasn't so great when it came to the more mundane task of parking his car.  This is what his wife, Cora, had to say about him: "Ralf causes accidents you'd expect from women.  There have been a number of them getting into and out of parking spots."

Aside from the fact Cora Schumacher holds rather sexist views when it comes to driving, she was right.  A lot of people can't park properly - and some are downright useless.  Here's our gallery of bad, and unfortunate, parking.

And finally, we couldn't resist this.  Ferris Bueller trashing his fathers' Ferrari GT California