1 Oct 2012

Vauxhall ADAM - what the twitterati say

Vauxhall's ADAM represents not only a new car but a whole new era of design philosophy for the company.  As such they have a lot riding on it's success.  See the ADAM's price, photos and specifications here.

We like the looks.  The design isn't exactly innovative but given this is a market segment Vauxhall are trying to squeeze into then they had to follow the herd rather than lead it.

However when we took to twitter and asked what people thought, the opinions weren't generally in line with our thinking.

"I think it's absolutely hideous"
"Looks good, hate the name ADAM"
"Interior's great.  Priced in Fiat 500 territory.  I'd consider it"
"It doesn't have the "fashion" of the Fiat 500"
"I think the exterior is meh, but not crazy about the roof.  I like the interior tho"
"Shame it's fugly.  Not a fan and if the company is bet on it, then I'd be worried"
"I'm not the only one who thinks it's hideous then"
"It's the roof from the side I find the worse aspect"
"Really would anyone drive a car called ADAM?"
"Horrible car"
"My eyes, dear god.  Oh my eyes"
"Looks like an Audi A1 that's melted a bit"
"I think it looks OK, better than a Corsa.  Should have called it Viva though!"
"Copying the Mini/Fiat 500 vibe. Flop."

The above is a selection of comments that came back.  Respondees were male and female and ranged from 18 all the way up to...well quite a lot older than 18.

So the general consensus from our small group was that the ADAM is a miss.  Yet, despite all the negative feedback, Speedmonkey still likes the ADAM.  The overall shape is pleasing and sits well against the competition.  The million colour and trim combinations is a genuine attempt to outdo the competition in one area at least.  The detail is good - the starlit headlining, the shape and colours of the dash, the 'floating' roof.

What this says is that ADAM will not sell itself on looks alone.  Vauxhall still have a long way to go to convince the British (and worldwide) public that the ADAM is an attractive proposition.  The pricing is a good start.  At £11,255 the ADAM sits nicely towards the bottom of its target sector.

The next is how it drives and feels.  Vauxhall need to have created a car that is fantastic to drive - something they used to have a great reputation for but that has slipped in recent years.  They need to have created a small car that oozes quality inside.  They need to heap desirability on the ADAM somehow.  

Can Vauxhall outdo it's rivals?  Can they shine a more positive light on the ADAM than it currently has?

We hope so.  We really do.  Hopefully we'll get our hands on one soon and then we'll be able to let you know how it goes, stops and feels.

Thanks to the following twitter users for comments and feedback:

@fifthgeartv (yes, we asked their opinion and they gave it.  It's one of the above)