2 Oct 2012

New Honda CB1100 - retro bike looks, modern mechanicals

Honda will sell their retro CB1100 in Europe.  The CB1100 is powered by an air-cooled, in-line four cylinder engine.

The CB1100 has already been on sale in Japan and Australia for a while but demand for the bike from Europe was such that Honda will now sell it on the continent.

The CB1100 has a 1140cc engine with a five speed gearbox and weighs 247kg.  It was tested by MCN Australia who were impressed and said, "It really is quite a charmer and the more I look at it and ride it the more I would like to keep it...This really is a bike that adds up to more than the sum of it's parts.  the experience from the saddle conveys that message loud and clear."

We love the looks of the CB1100 and think it will sell well in the UK.  Owners will probably want to personalise their CB1100s and the first item on many buyers lists will be a set of decent exhausts.  Retro looks are one thing but Honda over-silence their bikes and there is no point riding around on such a stunner when it sounds like a hairdryer.

The CB1100 lands right in the middle of Triumph's retro territory.  We'll be interested to see how it will impact on Triumph sales next year.

More details and information will be published as and when it becomes available.