10 Oct 2012

Another reason not to buy a Toyota. It might set on fire

Toyota is recalling 7.4 million vehicles worldwide due to sticky window switches that might cause a fire.

Given Toyota's recent history of technical faults - remember the sticking accelerator pedals and faulty steering - one would be forgiven for refusing to get in one at all.  In fact given how many taxis are Toyotas would it now be safer to walk home late at night rather than risk life and limb by calling a minicab only to discover that its not the driver who is smoking - but his window switch.

The recall affects some RAV4, Auris, Yaris and Corrolla models built between September 2006 and December 2008.  The electric window switch on the drivers door wasn't greased properly in the factory which can cause it to stick, overheat and burn.

The switch isn't designed to be lubricated - in fact lubricating it could make the problem worse.  If you feel the switch getting notchy then you've got a problem and should take the car to a dealer for a replacement.

Toyota will recall 1.39 million cars in Europe, 1.4 million in China, 2.47 million in the US and 2.14 million from the rest of the world.

This is the biggest recall since Ford had to fix 7.9 million cars back in 1996.

Land Rover have developed a unique solution to window switches not working in their older cars.  After a few years Land Rover electric window switches just stop working - thereby saving them from an expensive recall.