27 Sept 2012

The most boring estate car ever

A car manufacturer (the same one who brought you a car) has released images and information regarding the estate version of the car.

The estate car is described as a Touring Sports but it should not be confused with the recent Porsche Panamera Sports Touring.  In the case of this new car the word Sports can largely be ignored although the inclusion of Touring is acceptable - as long as the driver does not fall asleep at the wheel whilst touring.

The new model is described as being versatile with a dynamic design.  This means it can fit several people inside and, if necessary can be filled with rubbish or even an old sofa.

External design features include some metal.  This metal is formed to make a large, featureless body onto which the face of Judge Dread has been welded.  A hole has been included towards the rear into which fuel can be poured in order to make the car go.

A larger hole is available, cleverly disguised under the boot lid, into which shopping and other things can be inserted.  Windows are available through which the occupants can see out.  It should be noted that the windows are two-way so anyone who is inside the estate car can be seen, and mocked, by passers by.

The rear of the car is similar to most other cars rears but the lights have been arranged into such a shape that the 'face' that has been formed is meant to look aggressive, but also looks constipated.

No images of the interior of the car are available but we understand it includes some seats and a steering wheel.

The estate car will be available soon and will cost a little more than the normal car version.