2 Oct 2012

2013 Triumph Street Triple

Triumph's new Street Tripe and Street Triple R have been unveiled at the motorcycle show, Intermot.

At first glance the new bike looks very similar to the old one but then you look again and - Woah!  What have they done the exhaust?!

Yes, the most noticeable difference to the current Street Triple is that the exhaust has moved from under the seats to under the engine.  And, it has to be said, it looks a bit clumsy compared to the older version.

That's quite a big step for Triumph to make.  The Street Triple - winner of a million group tests - is fast becoming THE iconic motorcycle for the modern age.  Where once sports bikes sold in their thousands now the new breed - led by the Street Triple and it's elder sibling the Speed Triple - are leading the way.

And they've changed the shape.  Will we get used to it?  Probably, yes.  But begrudgingly.

The exhaust isn't the only change.  Whilst the engine remains the same (thank goodness, it's a peach) the frame has been changed and the geometry has been altered to allow for the weight distribution to be moved down and forwards.

The suspension is new - the swingarm had to be redesigned to accommodate the massive exhaust and the overall weight of the bike has come down.  It was never a heavyweight but now the Street Triple weighs just 183kg.

The R version is differentiated by a red subframe and radiator shroud and fully adjustable suspension and brakes.  ABS is available as an option.

Prices will be confirmed later this month and the new bike will be in dealers from November.

The current Street Triple has won every reviewers heart.  It is THE naked bike to buy.  It is the best handling bike in its class and it is the most fun bike on the road today.  Triumph have taken a very brave step in tinkering with it.

Have they succeeded?  We'll find out soon enough.