22 Jun 2012

Matte black supercars

If you head into London you'll usually see, amongst the battered vans, scooters and commutermobiles, a fair smattering of supercars. Bentleys, Bugattis, R8s, Ferraris, Porsches all vie for top spot in the Kensington and district game of one-upmanship. But amongst these lovelies dressed in steel and carbon fibre lurk the most minging of monsters. It's a fad that's been going on for nearly two years now and sadly shows no sign of abating.

 Matte black supercars. It's the emperors new clothes in Boris's London rather than Anderson's Copenhagen. What mentally deranged crack-pot thought, "Durr, I know. I'll paint my Lambo in matte black. Then it'll look better than my neighbour's Lambo."?

 No it won't. It looks stupid and you look like an idiot with no taste.