29 Jun 2012

Audi S1 spy shots from Nurburgring

Audi have been spotted testing the forthcoming S1 at the Nurburgring.  We are huge fans of the S Audis with the old S4 being a bargain basement super car favourite.  This S1 looks like it'll feature a variant of the existing 2 litre turbocharged 265bhp engine which already powers several VAG models.  That coupled with a quattro system means this should be a pretty speedy hot hatch.
Audi tends to fit a Haldex clutch and four wheel drive to it's smaller quattros so expect this to be mostly front wheel drive with the rears kicking in when necessary.

What this does highlight is that if the S1 comes with 265bhp then then the prettier, but heavier, S3 is going to be outgunned as it also has 265bhp.  The S3 has always been a bit wheezy for an S.  Hopefully Audi's next step will be to ramp it up to 300bhp or more.