1 Dec 2014

I May End Up Owning Three Old Porsches After A Drunk eBay Session

I had a great night on Saturday, had a couple of beers round a friend's house. I may also have had some vodka.  Staggered home through the fog, had another couple of beers and thought, "I know, I'll see what's on eBay."

At the time it seemed like a great idea. Porsche 924s and 944s are going up in price and this is the ideal time of year to buy a sportscar, especially one with dodgy seals around the sunroof, so prices will be low.

I can't remember exactly but I must have taken a look at the 924s and 944s in need of restoration and with no bidders and no reserve price set and placed a few bid.

Now, in the cold light of Sunday with a cup of tea in hand I venture into eBay to find I'm the top bidder on not one, not two but three front engined, water cooled Porsches.


The first is a 1986 944S listed as spares or repair and I've bid £850. To be honest the price is really low and the car seems in great condition.

The second is a 1982 924 which, again, seems to be in reasonable condition and is spares or repair as it's been laid up a while. If I get it for my £249 bid it'll be a massive bargain.

The third is a 1983 924 which has a tatty interior and won't run. I've bid £300 but, again, it will be something of a bargain if I do win it.

Look at it this way, I'll either win between one and three old Porsches for a bargain basement price or not. If I do win all three my winter will be spent fettling in the garage, which is a pretty good pastime.

So pissed bidding on eBay might not be such a bad thing to do.

Let me know what you've bought on eBay after a few drinks, I'm sure there are a few stories out there.

By Matt Hubbard