13 Nov 2014

Speedmonkey's First Video To Hit 100,000 Views!

I've been recording car reviews for just over a year.  The Land Rover Discovery 4 review was one of my first and certainly not one of my best, but it's just surpassed 100,000 views on YouTube.

I had the Discovery for an hour, like quite a lot of the cars I drive. Armed with only my iPhone5 and a heedful of notes (but no script) I parked it up, jumped out and chatted away for 5 minutes whilst pointing the phone at the car.

It's certainly not my best review but for some reason YouTube and Google got a hold of it and it's now achieved 100,000 views - a first for Speedmonkey.

I have a few other videos approaching that figure and the channel itself is nearly at 1 million views. The entire budget for all the videos has been £0. Not bad eh?

Thanks to everyone who's watched this and any of my others.

Here's my written review of the Land Rover Discovery.


Matt Hubbard