19 Nov 2014

Has Jenson Button Already Signed To Race For Audi At Le Mans/WEC?

Three interesting pieces of information came out today:

2 - Tom Kristensen will retire from endurance racing, his last race with Audi is 30 Nov in Brazil
3 - McLaren is having a sale on replica team wear

Put two and two together and Jenson has been told he's leaving McLaren, and Audi have signed him. In order for the focus to be on Kristensen in Brazil Audi has requested Jenson and McLaren that they delay the announcement until Monday 1st December.

McLaren know this will filter out so are flogging Jenson teamwear cheap in order to get a load of it sold before nobody wants it anymore.

The timing of these announcements is too perfect for it to be anything else, isn't it?

Best book the Le Man tickets. It's going to be a humdinger. Webber in a Porsche and Button in an Audi?

By Matt Hubbard