31 Oct 2014

Vauxhall Creates The World's Largest GPS Drawing (With A Little Help From Speedmonkey)

Speedmonkey recently drove the Vauxhall Corsa at its UK launch and helped draw the largest GPS drawing in the world, a giant Halloween themed mural

Vauxhall has revealed this piece of GPS art, created by a Corsa. It's was dreamt up and largely completed by US artist, Jeremy Wood. GPS art is created by placing a GPS unit in a car, driving and recording the data trail.
The World's Largest GPS Drawing

The previous record was 4,500 miles long but Vauxhall's 6,080 mile GPS drawing was validated by Guinness World Records as a new record.

I drove the Corsa around Gloucestershire with a GPS unit in the test car, so would have created some of the Ls and part of the cobweb.

For the record the new Corsa is a great little car with a brilliant ride and handling to match that of the Fiesta. Check out my Corsa review here.

Here's a video about the drawing:

By Matt Hubbard (Guinness World Record holder)