29 Sept 2014

Why Can't I Ever Make My Bloody Mind Up About Cars

Cars are big and expensive.  They're not like music where you listen to one artist, genre or even sub-genre for a while and then move on to another.  I have 3,597 songs in my iTunes library but only one car and it's never the one I actually want at the time.

Sure, when I buy a new car (well, old usually) it's the one I want. It might be a compromise to suit what I need it for and what I can afford at that point in time, but not long after I've bought it and brought it home I start to look lustfully at other cars and think, I want one of those now.

But swapping cars constantly is a mug's game. Yes you can buy and sell to make money but then you won't have the car you want but the car that will make money.

Having a regular turnover of cars you want, rather than need, loses money.  But you don't think about this when the need to buy something new is so strong.

In the olden days before the internet was invented I'd buy an Autotrader every now and again and circle those cars I wanted.  Nowadays in the e-age this exercise is so much easier with Autotrader and eBay apps on my iPhone.

But easier doesn't mean better, it simply means I can look at more and more cars I desire but can't actually buy.

I rarely look at cars outside of my theoretical budget.  Ferraris and Lambos are nice but they are strictly for daydreaming, this is hardcore car enthusiast nerd behaviour, this is fantasy that could be reality, these cars are within my grasp rather than way beyond it.

Which makes the exercise even more frustrating.  Yes, I could sell my car and buy another but will it be better, will it be faster, will it be more spacious, fun, economical, characterful, cool, sporty, sensible, practical....aggggh who cares about practicality I want speed.  But not so much the tax and insurance are ridiculous.  And I do need back seats and I'd rather a cam chain than a belt, and, oh I don't know I can't make my mind up.

And so it goes in a never ending circle.

Before I bought my Audi TT 3.2 V6 I almost bought a BMW 730d.  The two cars couldn't be further apart but my reasons and justifications for each brought me to the same conclusion - I want that car.

Now I've had the TT for six months I like it, a lot, but I'm still dreaming of what else I could buy.

My latest fad is leasing.  As well as the used market I'm looking at leasing new cars.  A Golf R is £300 a month, a Fiesta ST £200 and a Skoda Citigo £100.  I'm probably not actually going to take the plunge but can't help looking.

Because if you lease a car you sign up for a multi-year deal and that will cause physical pain when I want another car but know I cannot because I've signed a contract.

So for now I'll stick with the TT.

But I could do with a car with bigger rear seats.  But should I bag a Porsche 968 before prices go even higher than they've risen recently? Or maybe a 996 911 whilst prices are on the floor? Or perhaps a Mk5 Golf GTi, or a Volvo C30 T5?  Or, or, or, or...

If you've read this far then you have the same condition as I.  We're a lost cause.  We should form a self-help group - Car Buying Addicts Anonymous.
My last four cars before the TT

By Matt Hubbard