4 Jul 2014

The Zone - This Is Why The Audi TT V6 Is A Great Car

Suddenly it clicked.  Driving had transcended from a series of physical connections from brain to organs and limbs to a seamless interaction requiring no thought. The hardwired nerves and cells found some biological shortcut to the old grey matter and I was the best driver ever.

The road was clear, winding and fast. I held the steering wheel loosely, although I hardly knew it. My feet gently pushed the pedals but I can't remember them doing so.

My eyes were on the road and everything else happened autonomously.  The inside front momentarily lost grip in a corner - I felt it with my body and with my hand on the wheel. It didn't need correcting, it was just a brief moment of slip, enough to send power to the rear wheels to push from the back.

Exit corner, foot down, no wheelspin.

I'd already turned ESC off. Down these bumpy roads the TT's 10 year old electronics can't differentiate potholes and bumps from loss of traction. With quattro traction control is not necessary.

250bhp from the wailing 3.2 V6 pushing the car and passing through the open windows via my ears to my brain. Not enjoying it independently of the experience but using its note to judge gear.

Don't look down. Hit the redline, judged by the engine's scream, change up the slick 6-speed.

Eyes on the apex, enter corner - brake hard, change down, blip revs with heel.

Once the road and the moment is over and I hit a busy main road I breath. That was good.  I was in the zone. Doesn't happen often but a good car can bring it out in me.

That's why the TT V6 is a great car, despite what people say.

By Matt Hubbard