20 Jun 2014

I Just Don't Understand Most Drivers

Anyone who has a licence can drive a car, and it's not hard to get a licence.  The law of averages says that some people who drive are right muppets.

We who actually enjoy driving and desire cars are in a minority. The vast majority of people who drive couldn't care less about the car they are in and the experience of driving.

Some people choose their car for reasons I completely fail to comprehend.  Speed, handling, looks, comfort, a transmission that snicks into gear just-so and the ability to get the wheels a touch out line count for nothing to 99% of people on the road.

I suppose it's just me being curmudgeonly but it annoys me.  I suppose I should be more tolerant and celebrate the fact that 'normal' people buy new cars so that we petrolheads can enjoy them when they've depreciated.

I suppose I shouldn't be shocked when a friend tells me that his mum bought a Vauxhall Corsa purely because it had a heated steering wheel.

I suppose I shouldn't be aghast when a Facebook friend who works for an Audi dealer posted that someone didn't buy a £30k A4 because his wife said one of the cupholders was too small.

I suppose I shouldn't find it supremely frustrating that normal people don't buy sportscars, thereby making them financially unattractive for manufacturers to make, and expensive when they do so.

If the Toyota GT86 sold 100,000 units a year it would probably be viable for Toyota to price it at £15k.

But it doesn't because most people prefer the convenience, big cupholders and heated steering wheel of a Corolla.

Bunch of ignoramuses.

By Matt Hubbard