17 Jun 2014

Book Review - Audi TT : The Essential Buyers Guide

Colin Hubbard reviews Audi TT : The Essential Buyers Guide

Noting there are two Audi Mk1 TT's on the Speedmonkey fleet, Veloce publishing sent us a copy of their newly released buyers guide to cast our eyes over.

I have quite a lot of experience with TTs having had owned a 225 and now a V6 ( plus I'm gradually breaking a V6 so have an intimate knowledge of the oily bits).

This A5 booklet gives you a good insight into the various models and specs of TT and what to look out for if you are in the market for one of these iconic cars.

The author, Mark Davies, appears to be something of a expert on TTs, being an active member of the TT Owners Club, so is up to the task of giving advice to potential owners into what areas they should be looking out for.

It's not a Haynes manual type guide to help your fix your car but an aid to stop you buying a lemon in the first place.

It is a clear comprehensive guide with lots of pictures showing mechanical, bodywork and internal workings which can fail or suffer premature wear.

If you're in the market for a Mk1 TT it's well worth a read.

The book is available through Veloce Publishing for £12.99 and could easily save you this when looking for the right car.

You can order Audi TT : The Essential Buyers Guide through the Veloce website, by phone on 01305 26006 or email