22 May 2014

The 630hp Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Ayan Basu of Torque Affair takes a look at a nitrous boosted Chevy Camaro

If you're like me, you might look at a car like the Camaro ZL1 that produces 580 hp and think that it has plenty of power. But not Kyle.

He must have a car that's faster with more horsepower! The reason? He loves to drag race.

Kyle's goal is to make his Camaro a 10 second quarter mile car. In order to make your mark in the drag racing world, you must hit 130 mph before you get to the quarter mile marker. Although to most of us a stock ZL1 would be blisteringly fast, to drag racers like Kyle, the car must be much faster off the line to be competitive.

Kyle has added a nitrous kit which adds over 630 rear wheel hp. He is planning on making more modifications so that his car produces over 700 rear wheel hp. The car is not small so it will take loads of power to get it to reach the speed that Kyle wants it to.

However, the ZL1 proves that American cars are not just about straight line power anymore. This one has tons of sensors and technology that helps the car log in a faster time than the Audi R8 and 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo S at the Nurburgring track. This is one of the best Camaros that GM has built to date. With the ZL1, Kyle will not only be king of the drag strip but also be able to hang with the best on road courses. Kyle is definitely looking forward to seeing what this car is capable of out at our local track, the Circuit of the Americas, in Austin, Texas.

Kyle's Camaro ZL1 contains all the latest and greatest technology that GM has come up with. Along with Magnetic Ride Control and various other sensors and features built into the car, the ZL1 has what it takes to compete with the best supercars. The beauty of Magnetic Ride Control is that the suspension is dynamically adjusted continually - that is what enables the suspension to be suited perfectly for both normal daily driving as well as racing on the track.

The interior is nicely appointed as well - there are touches of luxury throughout and the seats are quite comfortable. American cars have come a long way and the quality of interior materials is much better than what it used to be. The difference between the interior of the ZL1 vs. my old 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix is night and day. The latest offerings from Chrysler, GM and Ford all have interiors that are a huge step up from previous models.

The coolest thing about the car is the supercharger on the massive 6.2L V8. The roar of the V8 combined with the supercharger whine is intoxicating. Check out the video below.

I'm not sure how Kyle can drive this car around without flooring it every chance he gets. The car is begging you to push it. Can you imagine driving it with nitrous? That would be insanity...

The Camaro ZL1 seems to be such a bargain for what you're getting. You can actually get supercar level performance without having to pay so much money that you have no choice but to live with your parents.

The best thing about this car is that it's rare. You don't see this car around every day so you truly feel like it's something special. And it really is.