9 May 2014

Speedmonkey Fleet - The TT Gets New Brakes, The BMW Gets New Suspension

Both my cars had their problems and both have been fixed, thanks to the best mobile mechanic in the business.

Scottie grinding a seized nut off the BMW's nearside wishbone

Everyone needs a mate like Scottie.  I've known him for about 14 years and a couple of years ago he decided to put his mechanical aptitude to the test, and start out in business as a mobile mechanic.

Honestly, Scottie's a genius. He also loves his Saabs.  When I first met him he owned a black 900. That had various issues and was replaced with a Mondeo.  That didn't last long and Scottie soon acquired a blue 9-5 2.0T estate.

A knackered clutch, lack of reverse gear and other bits and pieces eventually saw off the 9-5, so he bought another, a 3.0 TiD which returns 40mpg.  It's built by GM rather than Saab so has some inferior spec items but Scottie would still rather that than almost anything else.

The current Saab's rear end sags a little low as it's normally stuffed full of tools but he has plans for a suspension upgrade.

I always take Scottie along when I buy a car.  He came with me when I bought the TT. We knew it needed brakes when I bought it.  Sure enough Scottie turned up one day as arranged and worked in the pouring rain to fit new discs and pads all round.  I was out most of the day so only managed to take a couple of pics, one from in the comfort of the house!

The brake pedal had been quite long when I bought it but now it's nice and firm, and feelsome.
New discs!

Snapped from the comfort of my office in the house

The next job was on the BMW.  It's been well looked after, with only one owner plus me since 1998, but was starting to suffer from the dreaded BMW E36 judder on the brakes and at speed.

I recently drove to Wales and back and couldn't go faster than 65mph without the car shaking like Max Clifford in the showers.

So I called Scottie.  He came that day, tested the car and we discussed what needed doing. Lower wishbones (overall cheaper than getting the bushes changed), drop links and rear bushes seemed the solution. Plus, my front dampers were both leaking.

A few days later he turned up with his Saab loaded with boxes of kit and set to work.  4 hours later and it was job done.

I drove the car and it felt 100% better than before: smooth brakes, smooth at speed and much tighter steering.

Sorted.  Thanks Scottie.

If you want to appraise him of his services he covers Newbury, Tadley, Basingstoke and Reading and charges £25 an hour, and his number is 07901 567975.  You won't get a Speedmonkey discount as he's cheap as chips already.
Leaky damper

New damper!

Wishbone being swapped

New suspension!

By Matt Hubbard