14 May 2014

Speedmonkey Fleet - The Audi TT Gets Digital Radio

I've put quite a few miles on my 2014 Audi TT 3.2 V6 and absolutely love it.  Last week I covered 1,000 miles.  Trouble is I was getting seriously bored with the one CD that would work in it.

@SpeedmonkeyCol with his and my Audi TT 3.2 V6

OK I do listen to FM radio every now and again, but only Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 - when he's not on holiday - and his show is only on from 12-2pm.  Outside of those hours it's been Creedence Clearwater Revival's Greatest Hits on rotation.

I wanted an upgrade to digital radio and some way of getting music from my iPhone5 through the TT's Audi Chorus sound system.  I researched the options and decided on either a Pure digital radio or a JustConnect DAB install.

My brother owns an identical TT 3.2 V6 (that's him in the top photo with both our cars).  He fitted a new head unit to his and reckoned I shouldn't do the same as it spoils the car's interior.

I was inclined to agree, so went on to the JustConnect website and ordered a DAB install plus iPhone cable and bluetooth.

It cost £189 for the digital radio, £50 for the iPod connector and £70 for bluetooth.  The installation was to take place at my home.

A man in a van turned up at the allotted time, worked on the car for a couple of hours, asked for the radio code as he'd disconnected the battery, and then told me it was ready.

Nothing was changed.  The car looked identical.  When he showed me how it all worked I was blown away.

It's brilliant.  Digital radio is selected via the FM button. You press channel preset 6 and the DAB display appears in the head unit and the small screen between the dials. You can choose channels and presets via a remote control.  I'll leave it on Planet Rock and put the remote in the glove box.

Bluetooth is selected via the CD button. Press the button and in a second you've music streaming from your phone. Mega.

The iPhone cable is hidden away in a cubby hole, where I asked for it to be.

I took a look at what was going on halfway through the install.  There were wires everywhere and the glovebox was on the floor, but when he'd finished up you wouldn't know the work had been done, except the existing head unit is still in place and plays DAB and my music from my phone.

I'm super pleased with it.  Here's a short video I shot going through the system in the TT.

By Matt Hubbard