29 May 2014

Get Yourself In The Mood For The TT With This Short Film

This video is only two and a half minutes long but it sums up the Isle of Man TT beautifully. It was released in 2013 as part of ITV4's coverage.

I don't mind saying that it sends a shiver up my spine and (almost) a tear to my eye every time I watch it.  The TT races are the fastest, most dangerous and brutal form of racing in the world and the racers the bravest.  

In a recent documentary Michael Dunlop said that footballers fall over on the pitch and cry for 3 months whereas his dad, Robert Dunlop who won 5 TTs, and uncle, Joey Dunlop who won 26 TTs, were real men and "machines".

Robert and Joey both died racing motorcycles.  Michael's right in one regard, TT racers are real men (and women, don't forget the ladies who race) but they aren't machines. They're only human and the Snaefell Mountain Course on which the TT races are run is the most dangerous race circuit in the world.

Here's hoping for a safe week's racing at the 2014 TT.

By Matt Hubbard