14 Mar 2014

Geneva Motor Show - Mercedes, Audi, McLaren, Alfa, Renault and Infiniti

You've seen our coverage of my favourite cars at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show over the past few days.  This is the best of the rest.

The new Mercedes C Class was on display at Geneva

The new Mercedes C Class was on display at Geneva.  I didn't get a poke around inside but the exterior, some say a mini-S Class, looks great.
Mercedes C Class at Geneva Motor Show
The Audi TT was another new car on show.  Most people I've shown the photos to have said it looks boring but the TT 420 on display at Geneva looked fantastic, as you can see below.
Audi TT 420 at Geneva Motor Show

Audi TT 420 at Geneva Motor Show
The Alfa 4C Spider was on display.  It looks wide and squat - and beautiful.  The new headlights are much better than those in the coupe and it suits a targa shape more than a coupe too.
Alfa 4C Spider
The Renault Twingo was my favourite small car. It's rear engined, rear wheel drive and looks pretty cool.
Renault Twingo

Infiniti showed off its new Q50 Eau Rouge concept in a deep sparkly red that looked awesome under the lights.
Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge concept at Geneva
McLaren's 650S Spider was on display.  Yep, it's a looker.
McLaren's 650S Spider
This is the new BMW M4. Great colour!
 BMW M4 at Geneva

By Matt Hubbard