12 Feb 2014

The New Audi S1

Audi has revealed the new Audi S1.  It will cost £24,900 in the UK and be available to order in mid-March.  First deliveries will take place in the spring.

2014 Audi S1 Quattro

Whilst most modern Audi Quattros are an eon away from the original S1 Group B rally monster in terms of character this one looks like it could be a match on the stages in terms of performance and looks.

The engine is a new 2.0 TFSI unit that pumps out 230bhp and 273 lb ft of torque and takes the S1 from 0-60mph in 5.8 seconds and on to a top speed of 155mph.  It returns 40.3mpg and 162 g/km of CO2.

Of course being a quattro it has four wheel drive.  The S1 has a hydraulic multi-plate clutch on the rear axle linked to an electronic diff-lock which works via the ESC system to create wheel selective torque control.

All very clever, so it's something of a relief to find the gearbox is a manual 6-speed unit.

The suspension has been reworked over the A1's.  The front has modified pivot bearings and at the rear a four link set-up replaces the A1's torsion beam suspension.  Damper settings are adjustable.

The wheels are 17-inch as standard with optional 18-inch diamond cut alloys.  The brakes are upgraded with a larger brake master cylinder and 310mm discs at the front.

The lights are xenons up front and LEDs at the back.  Exterior colours come from the same palette as the A1 plus two new colours - Vegas yellow and Sepang blue.

All of the above stats relate to the 3-door S1.  A 5-door Sportback will also be available for £25,630 and is ever so slightly slower and more thirsty.

The S1's weight hasn't been revealed but expect it to be in the region of 1,200kg.
2014 Audi S1 Quattro

2014 Audi S1 Quattro

2014 Audi S1 Quattro

2014 Audi S1 Quattro

By Matt Hubbard