10 Jan 2014

Autosport Show - Lots Of Photos Of Interesting Cars

The 2014 Autosport Show is vast.  It takes over the whole of the Birmingham NEC.  I spent a day there and took 107 photos.

Lancia Fulva HF "Fanalone" - Credit to @156sharknose and @warner_pat for identifying it for me!
I've posted several articles and photo galleries which you can find by checking out the Autosport label in the label cloud right at the bottom of the main page.

This gallery mops up everything else I found interesting.  I also watched a show at the live arena.  I got a decent seat close to the track but given I only had my iPhone5 the photos weren't very good.

If you are free this weekend then take a trip to the show.  If you're a petrol head you'll love it.
Lotus Elise Cup R

Porsche 911

Jaguar E-Type Lightweight

Ferrari 250

Caterham AeroSeven

Fiat Abarth 595

Lotus Carlton

Audi quattro

Utter shite

A Caterham going sideways

By Matt Hubbard