13 Dec 2013

Porsche Macan To Get 4-Cylinder Engine - Duh, I Know!

All the car magazines and websites are shouting about Porsche revealing that a version of the Macan will be powered by a 4-cylinder engine.  They've all assumed it will be a VW inline-4.

But they could all be wrong.  Back in August I said:

"The base models will feature a flat-4, 2 litre petrol engine or an inline 4, 2-litre diesel. The flat-4 should also appear in the Boxster and Cayman in the next year or so."

"...one of the more interesting is a brand new flat-4 which is being developed by Porsche, with a helping hand from Subaru."

Prior to this week no motoring publication was talking about a 4-cylinder Macan, and now they all are. And why is that.  because I suggested they should ask!

There you have it.  Speedmonkey, ahead of the game.  

Let's see if I'm right.  Will it be inline-4 or boxer-4?
Porsche Macan

By Matt Hubbard