24 Dec 2013

How To Drive Through Flood Water - Buy A Land Rover

Speedmonkey HQ is situated in West Berkshire, where we've had some fierce storms, leading to various tributaries of the River Thames bursting their banks.

That's problematic for most drivers, who can't get through.

But it's no problem if you own a Land Rover.  Here's me in my wife's Discovery 2 sailing through one of the flooded roads whilst all around lose their heads (engine heads due to ingress of water into the engine).  Being a Land Rover the air intake is high up in the engine bay.

If you need to drive through flood water, buy a Landie.  I witnessed a woman in a BMW X5 drive through that same stretch of road the last time it was flooded.  The car stopped as water (which doesn't suck, squeeze, bang or blow) killed her engine.

Stay safe folks!

Matt Hubbard