12 Nov 2013

The 1AML Number Plate Appears To Be In Two Places At Once

Last Saturday was the Lord Mayor's Parade in central London.  Aston Martin bedecked a Vanquish in the Union Flag and proudly prowled the streets in support of British industry.  The number plate was 1AML.

Meanwhile, Paul Garlick of Pistonheads tweeted a photo of a blue Vanquish and said "I've had worse cars for the weekend."  The number plate was 1AML.

Two separate cars but one number plate?  1AML certainly leads an interesting life.  Here are Twitter and Facebook posts issued by Aston Martin and Paul Garlick over the course of last weekend of two separate cars in two separate locations at the same time but with the same number plate - 1AML.

Article by Matt Hubbard