27 Nov 2013

Spotted - Jaguar D-Type On The Road

I was driving in the Jaguar XF Sportbrake yesterday when I spotted this gorgeous Jaguar D-Type.

Jaguar D-Type by Realm Engineering

The D-Type was on the A404 near High Wycombe.  It was doing no more than 50mph and the driver, who looked a tad on the large side, wasn't wearing goggles.  Presumably 50 was all he could manage - it was about 5°C.

Later on in the day I posted this photo to Opposite Lock.  One of the commentators, McMike, found a link which shows that the D-Type is in fact a replica.  The car was built by Realm Engineering in 2000.

Earlier in the day @Jorge_orwell had said this on Twitter:

Pretty good Jorge!

Article by Matt Hubbard