14 Nov 2013

Land's End to Lowestoft - Is It Possible To Beat Clarkson's Time?

In Top Gear Episode 6 of series 16 Jeremy Clarkson drove from Land's End to Lowestoft, the most westerly to the most easterly part of the UK, in 6 hours and 57 minutes.  Here it is:

Jeremy undertook the journey in a Jaguar XJ V8 Supersport during the summer solsctice and covered 435 miles, using this route:

The idea was copied in the first place from occasional Speedmonkey writer Chris Small, who undertook the trip in 2009.  See Chris's write up here on Pistonheads.

I'm just wondering if it's worthwhile giving it a go sometime in 2014, and trying to beat Clarkson's time.  It would be impossible to do it on the summer solstice, as Clarkson and Chris did, as that's the weekend after Le Mans and we'll all be knackered.

Would you want to do it?  And what car would you want to do it in?

Matt Hubbard