29 Nov 2013

Jaguar vs Toyota Twitter Battle - Beauties and Beasts

It all started with an innocuous tweet from @JaguarUK.  A marketing message with an Instagram video showing off their gorgeous new F-Type R Coupe.

Two days later @ToyotaGB responded with this:
Feeling Jaguar needed some help I posted this:
To which Toyota's response was frankly epic:
For 24 hours the battle lay dormant.  Jaguar had yet to respond to Toyota's taunts.  Then this:
Oh! A slam dunk in the beauty and power stakes.  Surely Toyota couldn't match this.  Yes, they could, with a video of a rather fetching young lady drifting an FT86:

Jaguar's response was brutal and swift, and a reminder the FT86 is still a concept with no confirmation it'll go into production:
Toyota was now the cat licking its paws after a bruising encounter:
And after thinking about it came back with another tweet.  This time rising above the argument.
So, on points Toyota would have won but Jaguar's knockout blow might have won it for them.

Congrats to both teams for a decent battle. 

Here are some of the tweets embedded so you can join in.

By Matt Hubbard