21 Nov 2013

It's The Speedmonkey Top Ten Video Reviews!

Speedmonkey has a YouTube channel and it's doing rather well.  Here are the top ten video reviews by popularity.

All videos are filmed by me on my iPhone5 with no editing. Jump out, point phone at car, talk.

1 - Renault Captur - 17,822 views
I only had the car for just over an hour so filmed it in a garden centre car park, in the rain.

2 - Mercedes CLA - 11,085 views
My first ever video review, filmed in a nature reserve car park.

3 - Mercedes E Class - 9,472 views
Filmed in the same place and on the same day as the CLA.

4 - Renault Clio 200 Turbo - 6,125 views
Filmed in a farm entrance. I had the car for two hours.

5 - Range Rover Sport SDV6 - 4,103 views
Another video recorded on a media day. The only place I could find was a quiet country lane.

6 - Porsche Cayman - 3,642 views
Recorded on a farm track right next to Stonehenge.

7 - Mercedes E63 AMG - 2,255 views
Recorded at a golf club near Mercedes Benz World in Surrey.

8 - Renault Zoe - 1,971 views
Recorded at the entrance to a farm.  I didn't have many miles left on the battery.

9 - Volvo V40 T5 - 1,547 views
This is my worst ever video, but check the comments, it resulted in a confirmed sale.

10 - Jaguar XFRS - 1,539 views
Recorded in the same place as the Range Rover. God I love this car.

Reviews by Matt Hubbard