20 Nov 2013

And The Most Handsome Car Of All Time Is...

We often discuss "preety" (as that Italian chap said about the DB4 in the Italian Job) or beautiful cars, but not so much handsome cars.  A handsome car has strong lines and rugged, no frills features.  A pretty car is feminine whilst a handsome car is masculine.

I asked that question on Twitter and Facebook.  What is the most handsome car of all time?  The answers were many and varied.  Here are my favourites.

Alex Birtwistle - Bentley Blower

@The_ChrisShaw - BMW 3.0 CSL

@MikeH_CAP - Mk1 Ford Cortina
@Lingy2 - Mk1 Lotus Cortina

@wallis1986 - Capri 3.0

@jjlayzell - Rover P5B

@AlfistiGT (betraying Alfistis everywhere) - Rover P6 3.5

@Joe_Hallenbeck - 1969 Dodge Charger (specifically the one he used to own)

@J_S_Allen - Oldsmobile Toronado

@braddelaparker - Audi D2 S8

@BuddaPSL - Aston Martin ONE-77

Bill Whitehouse - Aston Martin Vantage

Gary Anderton - Mercedes-Benz W150 / 770K

Matt Graham - Shelby Mustang

Nick Underwood - Bentley Brooklands

What a brilliantly eclectic list and surely the starting point for a great pub debate.  The Bentley Blower, Aston Martin Vantage and '69 Dodge Charger would make up my top three with the 20s Bentley pipping the Vantage to the top spot.

My own, personal top three comprises:

3 - Mercedes-Benz W126 S-Class

2 - Jaguar XJS

1 - Land Rover Discovery Series 2

Yes I know not many of you will agree with me on the Disco but it has hardly a curve on it.  The bodywork looks and is rugged and it's just a whole heap of chunkiness.  And I'm biased having owned two.

Surely with such eclecticism the most handsome car of all time is the one you believe it to be.

Have we listed your choice for the most handsome car ever made?

Article by Matt Hubbard