8 Nov 2013

Alfa 4C vs Lotus Elise S - How The Stats Compare

The Alfa Romeo 4C looks a pretty awesome car.  I've yet to drove one and probably won't, given my recent drubbing of the Giulietta.

Almost all reviews of the 4C say it's a return to form for Alfa and a unique car on the market with its light weight and great look - and no power steering which gives razor sharp handling.

Auto Express said:
"...you can buy and run one safe in the knowledge that there really is nothing quite like the 4C on sale today."
Which is a view aired in many reviews.  Except the reviewers seem to have been dazzled by the 4C's beauty and forgotten all about the good old British Lotus Elise S.

Let's look at the stats:

Price:  Alfa 4C £45,000 - Lotus Elise S £36,200

Engine: Alfa 4C 1.8 litre turbo - Lotus Elise S 1.8 litre supercharged

Gearbox: Alfa 4C 6-speed automatic - Lotus Elise S 6-speed manual

Power: Alfa 4C 240bhp - Lotus Elise S 217bhp

Torque: Alfa 4C 248 lb ft - Lotus Elise S 184 lb ft

Weight: Alfa 4C 895kg (although US spec version are 1,100kg) - Lotus Elise S 925kg

0-60 mph: Alfa 4C 4.5 seconds - Lotus Elise S 4.3 seconds

Top Speed: Alfa 4C 160mph - Lotus Elise S 146mph

Economy: Alfa 4C - 41.5 mpg - Lotus Elise S 37.5 mpg

Emissions: Alfa 4C - 157 g/km CO2 - Lotus Elise S 175 g/km

For £8,800 less than the 4C the Elise S performs almost at the same level in all categories and beats it in 0-60 mph.  And it has a manual gearbox, and no power steering.

If you are prepared to pay £52,900 the Lotus Exige S trounces the Alfa 4C in every category except weight.

The Alfa 4C does look like an exceptional car, but let's not forget that the Elise S is too, and for a lot less cash.

Article by Matt Hubbard