11 Nov 2013

2016 BMW 5-Series Spy Shots

These are some of the first spy shots of the 2016 BMW 5-Series, as captured by Bild.de

2016 BMW 5-Series

Bild has captured the 2016 BMW 5-Series Touring in all its camouflaged finery.  The chassis is all new and apparently much lighter than the current 5-Series, although the exposed sills appear to be steel.  Jaguar may be stealing a march on it's competitors by using exclusively aluminium chassis'.

Bild also reports that one of the engine options in the car will be a 3-cylinder diesel with 150bhp and asks "f├╝r BMW-Fans ist das so etwas wie eine Majest├Ątsbeleidigung."  This is roughly translated as, "for BMW fans this is treason."*

Interesting that the Germans think this is the case.
2016 BMW 5-Series

2016 BMW 5-Series

Images: Bild.de

Article by Matt Hubbard

*If you speak German and can come up with a more accurate translation please feel free to correct me.