14 Oct 2013

What's the fastest car you've ever driven?

What's the fastest car you ever driven? Even if you only drove it 10 yards

I recently asked this question on Twitter and Jalopnik.  The response was overwhelming.  There were over 30 responses on Twitter and 595 comments and replies on Jalopnik.

The Twitter question was posted first.  A ton of people had driven Porsches and fast Audis.  Then we got Enzos, Testarossas, Lamborghinis, a W12 Phaeton, TVRs and, ultimately, two people had driven an F1 car.

Over the pond at Jalopnik commenters had driven just everything from SLRs, Mustangs, Carrera GTs, a Chrysler ME12 and a NASCAR to Matt Hardigree's selection:
I've driven some fast machinery.  The fastest would probably be a toss up between a Jaguar XFR-S, a Bentley Continental W12 GT Speed and a Mercedes SLS AMG.

Which begs the question, if there's anyone left who hasn't spoken yet, what's the fastest car you've ever driven?