31 Oct 2013

The Speedmonkey YouTube channel is doing rather well

When I've got a press car on the go I create a few videos about it, filmed rather inexpertly on my iPhone5.

Also, when I attend media days if I have a car for an hour or so I'll jump out and film a short review.

I post them up on the Speedmonkey YouTube page, which you can find here.  The reviews playlist is here.

As you can see some of the reviews are doing rather well.  Bizarrely my first ever, and therefore rather rubbish has the most hits.  It's this, the Renault Captur and has over 14,000 views.

I also record other pieces such as this one, which is me trying to achieve 30mpg in the Astra VXR.

And this Maserati GranTurismo drive past

Here's a Porsche Cayman interior tour in which I get some of the buttons mixed up

And here's how big the boot of a Jaguar XF is