11 Oct 2013

Porsche sales continue to rise and the Cayenne continues to outsell all other models

The last time we reported on Porsche's sales figures the Cayenne SUV outstripped all other models.  More than 50% of Porsche sales continue to be Cayennes.

The company has revealed some more information about individual model sales for September from which we can work out how many of each were sold.

Porsche sold 12,970 cars in September, worldwide.  6,895 of these were Cayennes, which equates to 53% of all Porsches sold.

Around 2,000 911s were sold in September, 15.4% of all Porsches sold.

Around 2,300 Caymans and Boxsters were sold in September, 17.7% of all sales.

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Panamera figures weren't revealed but we can deduce that roughly 1,745 were sold, or 13.4% of all Porsche sales.

Elsewhere Porsche revealed that 119,747 cars were sold in the year from January to September, a 14.7% rise on the same period in 2012.

Sales have increased in all markets.  The smallest recorded increase has been in Europe, at 1.8%.

Arguably Porsche's largest growth in the coming years will come from the new Macan, an SUV that's slightly smaller than the Cayenne which will cost circa £40,000.  It will compete in an established, and growing, market.

You can deduce from Porsche's sales figures why every car company is jumping on the SUV bandwagon.  The Cayenne supports the Porsche and enables it to bring us the sports cars we all love so much.