2 Oct 2013

Bikers vs Range Rover Sport in seriously nasty confrontation

This incident happened in New York on Sunday.  A huge group of bikers are cruising along when they surround a Range Rover Sport.  One of the bikers gets knocked off, although it isn't clear who was to blame, and the Range Rover stops.

The Range Rover driver (with wife and child in the car) obviously feels threatened and takes off, driving over a couple of bikes on the way.

Cut to a chase through Manhattan which ends when the Range Rover finally gets stuck in traffic and the bikers start attacking it with their helmets and fists.

It all looks pretty horrific, and almost like something from Mad Max.  The bikers did surround the Range Rover and in that situation most drivers would have been nervous.  Who hit who first is debatable.  The Range Rover driving off, and over, the bikes was pretty silly and was bound to cause them to chase him - but he was obviously pretty scared, and had his family on board.

The video ends as the Range Rover is stuck and the bikers start to attack.  The driver was pulled from his car and beaten.  He received facial lacerations and bruising but has been released from hospital.

The first biker to be hit suffered a broken leg but no other bikers were seriously injured.

Neither the driver or any bikers were charged by police.

Sources: New York Times and Jalopnik

Article by Matt Hubbard