7 Oct 2013

10 cars in one day - the SMMT Test Day South

Imagine three car parks crammed full with shiny, new motors -  and you get to drive as many of them as possible in 8 hours.

Last week I attended the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Test Day South, which was held at a posh hotel in Hampshire.  90% of the mainstream manufacturers were there, each with a selection of their cars.

It was a case of speak to the manufacturer representatives, grab the keys and go for a 30 minute drive, come back and do it again.

I managed to cram 10 test drives in.  I'll review each one over the coming days and weeks, starting tomorrow with the Camaro.  It'll be a quick review rather than a full test and will give you a flavour of the car.

There were quite a few journos in attendance and waiting lists quickly formed for popular cars.  The only car I was disappointed not to get a go in was the Fiesta ST.

You can see which cars I got to drive in the photo below.  The first was the Chevy Camaro.  My son would have disowned me if I'd not driven Bumblebee.