5 Sept 2013

Red Bull Media blog - signing Ricciardo, and who will fill the Toro Rosso seat

What a few weeks it's been.

Unveiling a new driver for the world's best F1 team is something you need to get right, so the pressure on us here was pretty big. Luckily it went really well, here was our international unveiling video -

It did make me laugh that I got a lot of texts from F1 reporters in the UK - who all had their phones off in the Rush premiere and missed the news! Apparently the Rush to get back to the office after the film was something to see...

There's quite a lot of un-informed opinion flying around about Daniel, which is frustrating to see. People judge his performances based on driving a car that has a fraction of the resources spent on it than say a Lotus or Ferrari. Make no bones about it - Daniel is fast. Very fast. The times in the simulator and the data from testing proves it. And he's only going to get quicker as he gains experience.

Whether or not he can match Vettel is unknown, but don't be surprised to see him on the podium next year - assuming Adrian Newey's brilliant brain can give the team a top car.

As for the vacated Toro Rosso seat Antonio Felix Da Costa is a heavy favourite. I know Antonio pretty well - and I just can't see him not grabbing this opportunity. He's had a tough year in WSR 3.5 - mainly due to technical gremlins, but when he has had a working car he's been on the podium.

Next for us at the Media House? Assuming Toro Rosso take a few weeks to finalise their driver for 2014, I'll be in Turkey for Red Bull Sea to Sky later this month - back to the Hard Enduro!

Article by Josh Bloom

Josh is a producer with Red Bull Media House.  You can follow him on twitter here
Josh also produced the video interviews with the Red Bull F1 team following Ricciardo's signing