10 Sept 2013

Here's a bunch of Subaru BRZ videos I filmed

As you know if you've seen any of my videos I don't go in for production quality (budget has a major part to do with that) or scripts.  I want people to see what the car is like for real.  Seeing a car drift round a track might be fun but it's not exactly showing you what it's like to live with.

So I film them with my iPhone5 and tell it like it is.  Here are some videos I filmed when I had the Subaru BRZ for a few days.

First up is the straightforward review.  It's nearly 4 minutes long.

Next is a 10 minute walk-round showing you everything about the car.

This one is rather silly. The BRZ has a sound pipe which comes into the car near the clutch pedal, so I put the phone on the floor and recorded the noise.

Article by Matt Hubbard