27 Sept 2013

Audi RS4 smashes into cottage

The driver of this Audi RS4 was travelling along the A50 in Lower Peover, Cheshire on Monday when he saw a blue Volkswagen coming the other way - on his side of the road.

The only course of action was to head off the road.  Unfortunately the RS4 ploughed headfirst into a 600 year old cottage.

Happily the cottage owners weren't in.  The Audi smashed through the front wall and embedded itself in the lounge.  The driver, who works for Barclays Bank, wasn't injured.

The VW driver scarpered and hasn't been found.  The cottage might have to be demolished.  The RS4 looks toast too.  

What a shambles.

This isn't the first time an Audi has crashed into a house.  Here's another one.  Oh, and another.

Thanks to Steven Foggon for the tip

Photos: Daily Mail