20 Aug 2013

VW Kombi Last Edition - how you can get hold of one in the UK and Europe

Perennial hippie favourite the VW Kombi has been produced in Brazil since 2 September 1957.  But that is about to end.

The Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition is a limited run of 600 units which will see the end of Kombi production.  Brazil has always been something of an independent outpost for Volkswagen, to whit the SP2.
VW Kombi Last Edition

The Kombi Last Edition will be come in white and blue paint - as can be seen in the slow lane of the M5 and A303 in the run up to Glastonbury - with whitewall tyres, white centre wheel caps and tinted windows.

The interior sees blue curtains, blue and white two-tone vinyl and the cabin and luggage areas are carpeted.

Each van will be individually numbered with special Kombo logos dotted around.
VW Kombi Last Edition

The engine is no longer a wheezy old aircooled lump but instead a modern 1.4 litre unit with 78 hp, mated to a 4-speed manual transmission.

The Kombi Last Edition is only available in Brazil and South American markets.  It would be too costly and time consuming for VW to undergo homologation elsewhere.

If you live in Europe and  really want one of these then go speak to Danbury.  I just spoke to them and they have placed an order for a number of Kombi Last Editions, which should be available later in 2013.  Danbury have been selling T2s for years, and their current prices start at £27,000 for a standard model.
VW Kombi Last Edition interior

VW Kombi Last Edition
Article by Matt Hubbard