2 Aug 2013

Spotted - BMW 3-series pick-up

I was hooning around my local lanes when I came across this BMW 3-series pickup.  We faced each other across the opposing sides of a rural cross roads.  He turned left, I turned right and gave chase.

Damn it was fast.  My Porsche 924S stood no chance.  Happily after a mile I found it parked up by the roadside so I pulled over to ask if I could take a photo, which the owner was more than happy for me to do.

It's a custom built pick-up based on a 2-door BMW E30 3-series, with quite a natty paint job.   The engine is a 2.8 litre straight-6 from out of an E28 and the gearbox is a close ratio affair of unknown origin.

And it's very fast.